Updated Travel Requirements - II

Aloha Friends! Happy New Year! Travel requirements to the island have changed and are admittedly complicated but we are so excited to welcome you back.

To my understanding the new rules and regulations boil down to the following:

- We can, and would love to, host inter island travelers who have been in the state of Hawaii for at least 72 hours AND have a negative test.

- If you are coming from the mainland; you can pre test negative, either spend 3 nights on another island, test again and fly to Kauai OR stay in an approved resort bubble for 72 hours upon arrival, test again and then you can stay / play in locations of your choosing.

Please ensure that you have done all the proper research on your own as well. There is a lot of info and my little summary is just a starting point. Know where you'll get a test, what the rules will be when you land, masks are required on island, etc.

Here are a few sites we love for updated information:

Go Hawaii

Hawaii Covid19

Alaska Air

Hawaiian Airlines

County of Kauai Facebook

County of Kauai

We know this is A LOT so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you make your way to the Nene Nest for some much deserved relaxation.

PS In March 2020, we upped our cleaning methods game and added some enhanced measures. You can read about those here.

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