Weekend (or longer!) Travel Favorites

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We escaped our Seattle area home and went for a little weekend in the mountains! I can't even explain how nice a stay-cation was. WOW! PSA: Friends on Kauai, I highly recommend getting away to the Nest. Even just down the road from home, it felt like a break!

Anyway, while I was there, I took an Instagram poll asking if you wanted to see our travel items and to my surprise, you did!

Keep in mind, I'm no influencer so this whole posting items is new to me but I'll do my best to show you because these things have come in handy for us many MANY times! So, here we go.....


You are going to laugh at me but I got this fanny / shoulder pack for a trip to Disney last year and it's come in handy SO many times. It's just the perfect way to throw my car keys or wallet in and not drag a huge purse around. My exact fanny isn't available but here is a similar option.

The other thing I travel with consistently is this makeup case. Long or short trip, it's been perfect. I had been through so many makeup bags before finding this one and it's magic. You can move the dividers to make your sections bigger or smaller, it holds brushes and is hard enough all my stuff doesn't get squished and spill. Inside, I always have the Laneige Lip Mask.

For Anyone :

As a mom, finding the holy grail of water bottle is like finding gold. We have taken these Hydro Flask bottles on every airplane or car trip for years. They are still in great shape and are our favorite way to collect stickers from our travels.

These are the kids' sizes but they would work for anyone.

I am MOST excited to show you these! My kids got these for Christmas (thanks grandma!) and while in a normal year, we would have put them to use many times already, this was our first trip using them in 2020. I'm obsessed!

These Walker Family Goods bags have a divider in the middle and the perfect pockets. This trip was just a few days and they had extra room inside but I plan to take them on our next week long trip to Kauai. They will fit more than enough swimwear and shorts for each of us!

I'm going to snag one of these for Kyle and I too. The colors are amazing.

For the Kids:

My rule for travel is that there are no rules! Make it in one piece and you have succeeded is the name of the game around here. This means that my kids get to use iPads that are otherwise not allowed at home.

We have tried so many different headphones, I can't even tell you and these Little Gadget, Beats style, headphones are the winner. They stay on, nobody complains of them hurting, and everyone leaves mom alone. WIN.

OK, that's it for now. I have big plans to share everything we pack next time we head to Kauai. Mom's bag, dad's bag, kids' bags. But, for now, this staycation was a great little start. We use all of these things on longer trips as well and they have made travel just a smidge more streamlined for us. Hope they help you too!

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